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The Best Kind of Protein Explained

In the world of protein you will find that there are 4 primary types available with each having its own unique set of pros and cons. The most popular is the Whey Protein family which is known for its quick absorption which makes it an ideal after work out drink.

Whey protein is by and large the most popular and arguably the best type of protein and/or supplement on the market today. Often called the gold standard of protein, whey is a total protein meaning it contains all of the necessary amino acids due to its Branched-chain amino acids structure (BCAA). BCAA are naturally occurring molecules (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) that the body uses to build proteins. The term “branched chain” refers to the molecular structure of these particular amino acids. Muscles have a particularly high content of BCAA; whey is the preferred choice for before and after workout protein shakes.

Pre-Workout: Your pre-workout shake should be consumed approximately thirty minutes before your workout and have no more than 25-35 grams of protein. The decision on what to mix whey protein with lies solely with your personal preferences but most people will use either water or skim milk based on their tolerability to dairy products. Since milk is principally casein protein you may choose to mix with water for faster absorption unless the duration of your workout will surpass 80-90 minutes. Also, carbs (40-60 grams) should be taken with your shake to form an insulin spike so nutrients can be readily soaked up by cells. High GI carbs like dextrose are preferred for this situation, but fruits or oats would work just as well.

Post-Workout: Your post-workout shake should contain a slightly higher amount of whey protein and carbs. Target 30-50 grams of proteins and 60-100 grams of carbs. The insulin spike is essential for your post-workout as it will determine if the protein you are ingesting will be used to build muscle or replace depleted glycogen levels. Whey protein is the smart choice for your post-workout shake since it is absorbed the quickest by the body.

There are many quality brands names available that produce 100% Whey Protein. Almost every professional Bodybuilder has at one time or another endorsed Whey Protein.

I always bring my shaker filled with a pre-measured amount of protein supplement with me to my workout. On the way out I fill it with water from the fountain and drink it on the way home. An after workout shake is recommended as it helps aid in muscle recovery by providing the necessary material for the rebuilding of the damaged muscle tissue created during your workout.

Source by Charles Pinkus

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Protein Supplements – Are They Beneficial For Athletes?


The proteins in the diet can be used for all three main functions of food: as a component of most tissues in the body, as a source of energy, and for regulating metabolism . For the athlete, it is customary to use intentionally instead of carbohydrates for energy, but it is critical for maintaining and building muscle and regulate metabolism during exercise. Adequate dietary protein is necessary to maintain a positive protein balance to accomplish these tasks. Particular amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine and valine, which are branched chain amino acids or BCAA, represent a significant part of muscle tissue.

branched chain amino acid supplementation was thought to improve athletic performance by preventing or decreasing protein degradation and prevent adverse changes in neurotransmitter function. Studies of fatigue during prolonged exercise show that it is related to the increase of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. A high ratio of free tryptophan / BCAA in the blood can lead to a greater production of serotonin and thus to fatigue feelings and perceived increased effort. It is also known that serum levels of BCAAs, which are metabolized primarily in the muscles, drop during prolonged exercise. Research has shown that taking oral BCAA will increase serum and can be used as energy fuel and reduce protein breakdown during exercise.

Research has also shown that the addition of amino acids in the blood facilitates release of HGH or human growth hormone. HGH stimulates the production of IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor) which promotes the growth of tissue, including muscle. Oral intake of amino acids such as glutamine, arginine, lysine or ornithine, in high doses can also increase the levels of hormones, but can cause some gastric problems to go with it.

Bovine colostrum is another supplement in the protein category which is widely used to enhance athletic performance. Studies show that its use is in adults for security settings. The main benefit of colostrum appears to be in its enhancement of immunity and healing properties. It contains high levels of immunoglobulin G, and lactopeptides to regulate the immune system. Colostrum has also been proven to heal damage to the intestinal mucosa caused by anti-inflammatory drugs or ulcerative intestinal diseases, and to encourage the growth of appropriate bacteria while destroying harmful bacteria and fungi. It contains growth promoting factors which stimulate the circulation of amino acids into muscle cells, DNA synthesis and cell division. The most powerful is the one that colostrum is collected in the first 24 hours, preferably the first 8 hours after the birth of the calf.

Since IGF-1 and HGH are banned substances in athletics, it is a major concern for any competitive athlete to avoid anything that could lead to positive doping tests. The American College of Sports Medicine found no positive results for both substances after four weeks of supplementation with bovine colostrum.

normal protein intake lasts about 0.8-1.4 grams per kg of body weight, while the amount suggested for those in the formation is from 1.6 to 2.8 g per kg body weight body. The higher protein intake creates a more positive protein balance, the higher the body weight tends to be gained lean body mass. Since protein supplements are not all created equal, it pays to read the list of contents to be sure of the amount of protein, calories and carbohydrates per serving. If weight gain is a priority, opt for the more high-calorie high protein. To stay slim, take the higher protein with fewer calories and fat. It should also be noted that the increased protein in the diet may lead to more acidic urine and increased calcium excretion. An average increase of 1 gram dietary protein results in the loss of 1 mg of calcium in the urine, so it is important to ensure sufficient calcium is included in the diet.

Protein supplementation is not a substitute for a balanced, nutritious meals, but is an effective way for athletes in hard training to increase their protein intake without much additional volume, calories, fat or carbs in their diet.

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Carbs, Fat, and Protein for Athletes

I remember once trying to fill a Ziploc bag full of honey for a ride 100 miles in 90 degree heat. Needless to say that the result was sticky and unpleasant, and certainly not as convenient as a gel of the race. I know other people to use peanut butter and jelly sandwich squares, Snickers, graham crackers, and a host of other strange snacks. But while there are many theories and methods of hydration and refueling during a workout or race, the concept remains the same. If you are able to deliver the right nutrients to the muscles at the right time, you can improve many components of performance and recovery. Of course, these nutrients include carbohydrates, proteins and fats. I will mention all three in today’s article.

Some coaches and nutritionists recommend complex carbohydrates during training and recovery, while others recommend a mixture of both simple and complex carbohydrates. While it is true that a simple sugar, such as candy, high fructose corn syrup, or honey, will be more readily absorbed into the body, it is not necessarily a good thing. The body’s response to simple sugars involves a rapid spike in sugar levels in the blood, followed by a hypoglycemic response, or a fall in blood sugar. Thus, an endurance athlete complete with simple carbohydrates during a training session or race can experience several surges and subsequent declines in the levels of sugar in the blood. For an endurance test of 60 minutes or less, this should not be a problem. However, as it exceeds this time period, as a ironman distance race, complex carbohydrates should be consumed at a higher level at a rate of about 30-60 grams per hour. Hammer Gel, a nutrition manufacturer endurance athlete, sells a large gel complex carbohydrates to such situations, as do several other supplement companies. Of course, simple sugars consumed at a time other than race can potentially lead to increased body fat deposits, decreased metabolism, and generally poor health, to limit your intake of these short trips the most intense – and remember -you, try it in your training before you try it in a race!

With respect to proteins, I want to focus on branched chain amino acids (BCAA) as an important source of protein. During the sessions which are very intense or lasts more than three hours, the body depends on proteins as one of its sources of fuel. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are BCAA, and may meet up to 10% of energy needs. They can be purchased in the form of supplements in many stores or health food gyms, and also appears in several commercial gels endurance sports. Natural sources include many dairy products, whey protein, and red meats. Isoleucine is found in most food sources and is rich in meat, fish, cheese; leucine found in foods such as beans, brown beer yeast, rice bran, caseinate, and corn; and food sources of valine, soy flour, cottage cheese, fish, grains, mushrooms and peanuts, meats and vegetables.

BCAA should be used during periods of heavy weightlifting training, high intensity endurance periods (closer to race season), and high altitude training. Of course, BCAAs are just three of many amino acids your body needs for recovery and growth of tissues, so do not rely on them as the only source of protein.

Fat, of course, is a very important long-term source of energy. A type of fat, medium chain triglycerides, has been proven to increase endurance and speed in longer races. Medium chain triglycerides are more rapidly absorbed by the body for use as energy and are less likely to be stored as body fat. Again, you can get medium chain triglycerides various sports supplement manufacturers and health food stores. A common natural source and increasingly popular is coconut oil. Be warned -. The consumption of these fats on an empty stomach can lead to some gastrointestinal distress pretty boring

Hopefully this brief discussion of some details about key macronutrient help you address the issues fueling during the race . Train smart, and e-mail me at elite@pacificfit.net or go to www.pacificfit.net for more answers to your questions on nutrition.

Source by Ben Greenfield

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Whey Protein – King of the Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)

If you are serious about bodybuilding, you know how important it is to eat high quality food. You are also drinking lots of protein shakes. Why whey protein is one of the best sources of protein for bodybuilders though?

The answer lies mainly in the molecular composition of whey protein.

Whey protein is full of amino acids BCAA or branched chain for short. BCAAs are a type of amino acids – the most important molecules of life. The amino acids are responsible for a wide variety of maintenance functions of life enhancing protein to the chemical synthesis inside your cells.

Scientists have discovered 20 different types of amino acids. Of these 20, eight are considered essential amino acids because our body can not create them. These amino acids must be ingested through food. Otherwise, we die.

And guess what? Of the 8 essential amino acids, three of them are generally the major whey protein ingredients. These three amino acids – isoleucine, leucine and valine – are known as branched chain amino acids

Scientifically, this means these three molecules have a particular chemical structure .. In the life of every day, it means whey protein allows you to rip you off.

BCAA’s are the raw component of more than 1/3 of all skeletal muscles in your body. For every pound of muscle you grow a third consists of three simple molecules. Time and again, isoleucine, leucine and valine are there.

Most people do not need to worry about their intake of BCAA. Most people also do not squat 200 pounds or worry about their back muscles as we do. As long as you continue to consume high-quality protein such as whey protein, you will do well.

Source by Rusty Jackson

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Best Protein Shakes For Building Muscle

What are some of the best protein shakes on the market that will help you build muscle fast? Here are some recommendations.

GNC protein shakes.

CNG offers high protein quality whey shakes at reasonable prices. Consumers know very well that brand, and products can be purchased at any of their outlets. They have well-trained staff to help you choose the right product dedicated.

EAS Lite.

This product is ideal for ladies. The most popular flavor is vanilla. Each serving comes with 20 grams of protein. It comes in pre-made packages, so you do not have to spend time preparing shakes. Just grab one before you leave for work.

Soy protein Genisoy.

If you do not like the whey protein intake (some complain of a chalky taste), then you can consider buying soy shakes Genisoy. Consumers have given rave reviews to this product. Soy, when mixed with chocolate, can taste very good

Remember, the best time to take the shakes is :.

* The first thing in the morning when you wake up.

* Just after your workout.

* Before you go to bed.

If it is a non-training day session, you can only drink two shakes for the day. The idea here is to ensure that your body gets a steady supply of protein during the day so it can grow and repair.

protein shakes provide BCAA (amino branched chain amino) which can be used immediately by the body. You will be able to obtain casein protein in your daily diet (eg chicken breast). Such a protein takes longer to be absorbed into the body. But it is always beneficial because proteins tend to be distributed to the muscles throughout the day.

Source by Darren W Chow

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The Best Muscle Building Protein? Don’t Forget Whey!

What exactly is Whey Protein All About?

let’s start with a scientific explanation. This protein consists of the globular protein, which is isolated in the whey. It is a byproduct of cheese made from cow’s milk. It is a natural mixture of beta-lacto-globulin, alpha-lactalbumin and serum albumin, which are soluble in their original forms and independent of pH. His best biological value is called biological value or “BV”. In short, this is one of the best sources of protein in it for muscle builders!

Whey protein has certainly been a welcome addition to the world of bodybuilding. He has helped many bodybuilders achieve their goals. Today, this protein was included as a necessary part of every diet muscle building. Whey protein powder provides quality protein and is highly concentrated compared to other sources of protein such as eggs, milk, fish and beef.

What Makes Whey Protein So Good?

  • It can easily be digested in your body. The biological value (BV) is a guarantee of the effectiveness with which the protein can be submerged and used by the body for tissue growth — plus the best value will be effective. egg protein is the universal standard for “BV”. egg protein retains a “BV” 100. milk (casein and whey) emerges to the protein of about 85 “BV”, beef about 75 “BV”. Whey protein supplements in the form determined to have a “BV” about 104, while whey in insolated form has a “BV” around 170.
  • It is also a rich form of amino acids that play an important role in building and maintaining new muscle mass. The most effective and may be useful to provide a sufficient amount of amino acids is through whey protein supplements.
  • Whey has the unique ability to “BCAA” (string of amino acids Branch), you can never ever find in one of the sources of protein. The “BCCA” are called Lucien, valine, leucine and isolation.

In short, we can say that whey is an instrumental muscle building protein. It helps you in the best ways like improving your immune system, metabolism, body muscle mass, cardiovascular function, and swerved mental capacity. It is a protein that you should use in your diet if you plan on building muscle mass rapidly through a regimented weight lifting program.

Source by Max Jungmier

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Protein Powders VS Amino Acids for Building Muscle

Protein VS amino acids (BCAA)?

Not an article, but really a question. What better proteins or amino acids?

Please feel free to respond and comment that this is an opportunity for you to help clarify this issue for us all.

Every time you exercise you build muscle everyone (rightly) say that you need to take enough protein to feed your muscles to grow. People also tell you that you should take Aminos and to help in your quest to build muscle.

This is true, but as is normal in the world of bodybuilding there is so much information available and so many contradictions that this leads to confusion and of course a lot of hype.

The truth is that the protein is broken down into Aminos before it is used to facilitate muscle growth. In fact BCAA are frequently called your muscles building blocks. Basically, you need to break down the protein you take into usable forms that your body can handle. While BCAA’ss are already broken for use in muscle building.

This really leads to the obvious, but not often asked question. If the protein is broken down into amino acids, why not take amino acids instead?

People will tell you that if you are looking BCAA “you have to look the essential amino acids” and there are several studies that demonstrate the advantage of essential BCAA.

There is the argument when you ask which is better amino acids or protein shakes? yes, amino acids can be actually better than protein and can be used for specific purposes but overall the protein shake to have so much more in them rather than proteins quite normal that it makes the use of protein shakes most beneficial and therefore this easy question to answer.

However, the question here is what is best protein or protein BCAA’sif finally broken down into acids, not the benefits of other ingredients in protein shakes.

Others say in answer to the question “Whatever floats your boat” … but this is no answer at all when there must be a scientific answer to this question than a flippant comment someone who does not really know the answer.

are obviously good dietary supplement to achieve your fitness goals requires some thought and the answer to what you think is a simple question, which is better complement of both? would help in your quest to build muscle and achieve your fitness goals. Again, I ask if BCAA are proteins that have been broken or pre-digested, where the body can use them immediately for protein synthesis why these no better than taking protein powders which must then be broken in the form of amino acids

BCAA Benefits?

is the biggest advantage of the global Aminos convenience? Aminos can be found in an easy to take capsule, powder or tablet form. According to a study published in the “Journal of Applied Physiology,” ingesting 6 grams of branched-chain acids aids (BCAA) with carbohydrates in one to three hours after resistance training, have been shown to prevent degradation muscle promoting muscle protein synthesis.

Is it answer the question of what is best proteins or amino acids?

protein powder Types

There are two popular protein powders that are produced and they are made from whey or casein. Both whey and casein are high-quality protein sources that provide all the essential amino acids needed to build muscle. The main difference found between milk proteins is that casein is digested more slowly than whey; potentially providing a steady supply of amino acids for longer periods of time.

This timing issue could give us a clue as to why protein shakes can be more beneficial than amino acids!

Eat a balanced diet

Amino acid supplements can help muscle growth, however, eating enough protein in your diet, you can accomplish the same task. Therefore, it is really important that you eat a good balanced diet and ensure that at every meal you have a good source of protein to help build muscle. However, as already mentioned BCAA, can be a great way to give your muscles if you run out of time to eat properly. Protein supplements can also be beneficial for those of you who have trouble eating enough food each day to meet your protein needs.

But after reading this, I ask the question.

What better protein or BCAA?

You can have the answer to that question if I can invite you to share with us all if we can all make informed decisions in our quest to build muscle.

Thank you for the time you took to read this article and thank you even more if you have anything to add or share with us to answer this question.

Source by Terry Estcourt

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