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High Protein Diet Helps to Lose Weight Fast

High protein diet is high in energy and helps a person to loss weight fast. The proteins are essential nutrition elements in our body and mainly responsible for the growth of bone and muscle tissues. High protein diet or HPD is recommended specially for people who engage in physical activities, such as bodybuilders, weight lifters, sportsmen, athletics and other people who do manual labor work.

HPD is said to help in controlling and losing one’s body weight. Latest research has shown that protein not only quench hunger more efficiently then fats and carbohydrates but also help to reduce weight. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a report which says the people who participated in the research reported in better satisfaction, less hunger and weight loss. Research also indicated that HPD plus regular exercise not only help to reduce the fat but also help to loss weight.

“Our research suggests that higher-protein diets help people better control their appetites and calorie intake,” says researcher Donald Layman, PhD, a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

A high protein diet makes a person to loss weight relatively quick. HPD plan not only eliminate carbohydrate from the body but also help the body to decrease body fluids. On the other hand, LPD or low protein diet creates a substance described as Ketone in the body which eliminates appetite. HPD is often prescribed to cure low sperm count and Oligospermia, but it is not certain that it helps to cure these deficiencies.

Scientists have not been able to know precisely why protein tends to eliminate appetite. They believe that it might be because HPD cause brain to get less of appetite stimulating hormones

“We are not exactly sure of the mechanism for satiety, whether it is due to [eating] fewer carbohydrate and/or the specific protein effect on hunger hormones and brain chemistry,” Layman says.

Our body need protein at all stages of life, for various body functions. It is main component of all cells, tissues, of skeleton, bones and muscle. We need protein for the growth of these organs and we also need it to energize our body.

High Protein Diet Foods: Following are some of the foods which are consider being the high protein diet or HPD: Casein Whey Turkey Soy Nuts It is commonly believe that high protein diet damage or lower the antioxidants, which prevent the body from infection or certain ailments such as cancer, but latest research in this field does not support this. One thing that can be said about the HPD is that it reduces the weight and fat in human body.

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Does a High Protein Diet Work For Weight Loss?

Protein – is an essential nutrient in our overall health, but can make a working protein diet for weight loss? It seems protein diets are all the buzz when it comes to not only lose weight, but maintaining that weight loss.

With research to back it up, it seems that the protein foods do a better job of satisfying our hunger than carbohydrates or fats are, so we eat less. When we eat less we take in fewer calories that we do not gain weight, we can lose weight and keep our weight easier.

A recent study that was published in the American Journal of Nutrition found that when fat consumption was reduced by 20% of total calories and protein was increased to 30% carbohydrates which constitute 50% of the diet weight loss has occurred, and participants were less hungry. On average caloric intake decreased by 441 calories per day on the high protein diet.

According to the University of Illinois researcher Donald Layman, PhD, higher protein diets help people control both their calorie intake and appetite. A high protein diet with moderate intake of carbohydrates and a lifestyle that includes regular exercise can get rid of those extra pounds and reduce blood fat and maintain lean tissue.

How rich protein diet works by controlling appetite n ‘t yet fully understood, but they believe that the brain actually receives decreased appetite stimulating hormone levels. Although still at the stage of theory to explain why it does not matter that it works. More research is certainly necessary to understand how it all works. There seems to be some potential here for those fight against obesity.

The amount of protein you need depends on what stage you are in life. Protein is needed to repair the muscles, cells and even bone. This means that during periods of growth, when fighting an infection, or other stages of your life, you need more protein than in other stages of your life. Currently, the Institute of dietary intake reference of Health recommends that 10% to 35% of calories should be from protein for normal healthy adults.

It is important to note that, as with everything that goes to extremes can have a lethal potential consequences. In this case, with unacceptably high levels of protein intake you may find yourself facing a kidney disease. So you see, more is not always better.

There seems to get the benefits of weight loss in the high protein diet need to take in about 120 grams of protein a day. If you are not eating a lot of protein, you should increase slowly to ensure your body has less trouble adjusting to a higher protein intake.

To lose weight all you have to do is to exercise and eat less right? Sounds simple enough, so why it does not always work that way? This is because the right combination of nutrients so that you benefit from a reduction in calories is not as simple as eating less. This is where the protein comes in.

See, some people add supplements like green tea and other weight loss products, but forget to get their basic nutrition law. When you get your basic food groups carbohydrates, proteins and fats right, you will get better results. When you get enough protein and the right carbohydrates and fats as well, you will see results fast weight loss.

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