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Protein Powders

Protein powders


I am not here to tell you what brand to buy, but I’ll tell what kind of protein to buy and the best times to take them.
Protein is an important part of the diet, whether your goals are, to increase muscle or weight loss. Protein powder is a popular dietary supplement used by many people trying to get less heavier and more fit, as used by athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders.


Tou should also note that eating good and varied sources of protein in the diet and not only depend on supplements. On the health side of things unless you take something like 800 grams of protein per day it is completely safe.
Protein powder provides a convenient way of extra protein in your diet. Take two or three minutes to prepare. Each cube is usually of 20 grams of protein (made with very little fat and carbohydrates not / small) and is much more powerful than eating the equivalent in food (half breast of chicken – canned tuna). We should try to eat at least 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight, but it is very difficult, so lots of normal everyday food, which is where we get the protein shakes in very practical.
Type and speed of the released amino acids (the most important part!)
Casein protein powder slow release
Egg protein powder – medium communication
Soy protein isolate – media communication
(isolated and concentrated) whey protein powder – quick release
There are several types, but these are what you need to know.
Two main types of protein powders that you need
1 whey protein
Cost: approx £30 by 60 servings 20 g to
It is derived from milk protein whey protein. Protein concentrate serum or a combination of the two. Isolation is more expensive than the concentrated and best quality. Watch out for huge portions of protein powders at low prices before you buy, if you know what you are buying. These types of products often leave without results. Quality is everything when it comes to being thin. And when I say I say pack 6 Delgado Delgado. If you want, then you can get in good shape here and make concessions when you need to save money, but if you want to be in shape, then the commitment and quality in all areas it turns around.


protein powders
Learn these TOP tips to whey protein: whey protein is one fast release protein – amino increases acid levels in blood approximately 1.5-2 hour – after this levels amino acid drop very fast. Then, if you take whey protein before bed for example were catabolism € ~ muscle “mode in the bedroom to go or a!” Their amino acid levels will be lower when you wake up, when you want something to take at all! I know it is shocking, as people, I speak that even today still see protein whey before bed – and not the results that they deserve – now you know why.
Therefore, you should really whey protein directly after training. If possible, you should mix a powdered glucose or eat a piece of fruit. 45-60 minutes after this need your meal after a workout. There are many other things to add to your training since Smoothie, but I will leave for another article.
The only time you would use of whey would be if he knew that eating a meal in the next hour or less.
2. multiple proteins or protein powder combination
Cost: approx £45 to 60 servings 20 g to
This type of protein is, as she says, a combination of different proteins. Usually will be a mix of egg protein, isolated and concentrated protein whey and casein protein powder.
This type of combination of protein powder provides a slow release and free amino acids in the bloodstream up to 8 hours. This is the protein before bedtime as a snack or part of a main meal.
Three tips on the best times for a protein Smoothie
-The first thing in the morning is a combination protein smoothie. Your body is not for the last 8 hours more or less while you slept, they eat would be a protein shake to have something perfect.
2. immediately after training a whey protein shake. This is probably the most important moment have a smoothie. Since it only worked, you need your muscles to rebuild and repair itself, and this is the most important moment of your body to give egg whites.
3. the bed of a combination protein smoothie. Especially if they are trying to build muscle, or eat poorly at night, a combination have protein before bedtime.
They cost also need to Shaker, £04.03 and mix just for you. Place the required amount of powder in the cocktail shaker and add your choice of liquid. Most people mix with milk or water, but some things mixed with fruit juice or squash. I personally would not recommend mixed with milk, because the absorption of amino acids by blocking receptors of protein has been shown to limit the lactose. Unfortunately this article, must not be so long that we are a little deeper on the issue, that he had planned. Lol!
I personally use PNC products that are the best quality in my opinion (which are the most expensive and work with GB team, players of soccer of the Premier League, Ricky Hatton Pro) but I must say that no matter what brand you purchased, you like not!
I’ll write more about this topic – perhaps in the next time, I will have a look at creatine because it is a new type of creatine (hexane) always some surprising results – I looked only for it – I will let you know how I will tell you all about them in the article.


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