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How Much Protein to Build Muscle – Best Supplements for Muscle Gain

Protein is best known as the main “food” for the muscles making them one of the essential nutrients for bodybuilders because they encourage muscle building and damage tissue repair. Protein deficiency is not a problem for most people because proteins are found in many foods such as meat, poultry, fish and eggs and some sources some plants such as beans and nuts that are also known for their high fiber content. However, proteins obtained if diet alone may not be sufficient for building muscle. How much protein to build muscle you need depends on several factors, including the level of physical activity.

healthy adults should get about 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of weight of the body which means you should get over 200 grams of protein per day. However, people who exercise regularly need more energy and proteins. The International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) recommends as much as 3 grams of protein per pound of body weight is about 400 grams of protein a day. This means that you should aim to get between 200 and 400 protein per day to “feed” your muscles.

It is practically impossible to obtain the required amount of protein to build muscle through diet alone, which is why many athletes and bodybuilders use protein supplements. However, before starting to use protein supplements, it is important to note that all proteins are not the same. For example, whey and casein are the major milk proteins but while the whey is known to be rapidly absorbed, casein is digested slowly. For this reason, the whey protein is generally used before, during and after training, while the casein is recommended as a meal replacement. In addition, there are also various mixtures of more concentrated proteins and proteins such as whey protein isolate consists of as many as 90% to 98% protein, and very low in fat and lactose.

because of the almost countless protein supplements many people are faced with a great challenge to choose the best supplements for muscle gain. In addition, all protein supplements manufacturers claim that their products are the best choice that makes it even more difficult. So who are the best supplements for muscle gain, do they work and are they even healthy?

protein supplements do work and as claims ISSN course, but only if combined with a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. Even more, ISSN recommends the use of protein supplements for people who exercise regularly because protein helps repair muscle damage that can occur during intense weight training, help prevent muscle pain, strengthen the immune system and promote skin, nails and hair health. In general, the best choices are supplements that contain a mixture of different types of proteins, but they should not be used before, during and after exercise. In this case, it is recommended to choose fast absorbing proteins.

In addition to pay attention to right kind of protein, you are also strongly advised to ensure that they contain all natural ingredients as sweeteners and artificial colors, flavor enhancers and other ingredients doubt can not create a healthy environment for muscle building.

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Protein Drinks and Exercise

In today’s society, there has been much debate over the use of protein drinks during or after exercise

Protein is good for muscle growth and are necessary in our diet. However, if you are trying to lose weight, you have to be very careful and look for protein drinks that are mostly made of protein and only a small amount of carbohydrates and fats. There is also the question of whether you are getting your protein supplements or whole meal

Taking protein shakes during exercise is good for the balance of proteins in the body. it regulates protein degradation and the amount of protein body consumes. The downside protein supplements is that there are always other additives in them, they are not natural and can be made of certain toxins. However, with our busy lifestyles we prefer to choose the drink to have to prepare a full meal. For those who are not ready to use supplements, you can always have a glass of milk after exercise, it’s full of protein.

On the other hand, not only a complete meal consists of proteins, but other nutrients that are also very important in our daily diet. Exercise is important for every human being, it keeps us in shape, it makes us feel better, and if you exercise you are less likely to come down with cardiovascular disease. The use of protein helps renew our muscle tissue as well as bone and skin, research shows that it is good to have a glass of some proteins after workouts. For example, body builders take them to help renew muscle damage that is caused by their excessive workouts, especially because during their exercises they put a lot of pressure on their muscles.

Some protein drinks can be used as a meal replacement, but it is not advisable to take too much protein. It all depends on how much and how often you year , the type of your exercise, the weight of your body, but also the quality of the protein you consume, is there a supplement or a complete meal even the type of protein you consume. ISSN recommends an endurance athlete should take 1 to 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, and for the athletes of power or strength the recommended ratio is 1.6 to 2 g per kilogram body weight per day. In conclusion, it is good to take in protein during exercise, but not too much, I recommend you to make your own protein drink containing either milk, soy, rice, or other protein-rich food, or if you can cook a whole house high-protein meal and other important nutrients, it is healthy and beneficial.

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