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Protein 101 – Basic Protein Facts

protein should be one of the most misunderstood nutrient that we have broken the basic facts everyone should know about it. Read on and see if you know this essential information.

protein accumulates and maintains the tissues of our body. For men, the human body is made up of 55% water while the females have up to 60%. Most of the dry weight of the body (the portion that is not water), however, consists of proteins. Our organs (including the skin) bones, muscles and even our immune system are all made primarily of protein. The protein that we take is converted into molecules that will be part of it all. It also helps to repair and rebuild muscles and tissues.

protein can be broken down and converted easily to suit your body activity. And since our body does not store protein (like carbohydrates in sugar or fat lipids) we need to ensure that we consume enough protein in our daily diet. Normally, a person needs one gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. So if a person weighs 100 pounds, it will need about 45grams of protein every day. Failing to eat enough protein will strengthen tissue and fight against the disease is slower or abnormal.

Proteins are made of amino acids. protein consists of amino acids and the amino acids consist of various organic compounds such as oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, etc. These organic compounds react and link with each other to be able to produce the proteins that makes a specific job. They also sometimes bind with other materials; an example is the iron that makes hemoglobin. The hemoglobin is then described as a protein which has iron atom.

The body can make the most amino acids without us even bothering with it. There are around we have to work out; they are known as essential amino acids. These include:

• isoleucine

• Leucine

• Lysine

• Methionine

• Pheynylalanine

• Threonine

• Tryptophan

• valine

This is also the reason we need to include protein-rich foods in our daily diet.

Some people need more protein than normally required. A very rich protein diet is recommended for athletes and bodybuilders. Since many athletes train their bodies break down the proteins they have and use for energy. Athletes need more protein to monitor the activities of their bodies. Body builders on the other hand, need this protein as a basis for the construction and reconstruction of skin and muscles.

Too much protein can be bad for the kidneys. Unlike other nutrients protein is not stored in the body. The amino acids that do not convert to become protein calories or energy, but for that they need to get rid of the nitrogen reacts at the origin with the other compounds, making nitrogenous wastes . The body needs a point to these nitrogen waste (toxic called “urea”) which happens to be the output kidneys. This body filter these toxic wastes. Recent studies show that most people do not know they already suffer from a kidney malfunction and for those people taking high doses of protein can stress out of the kidney and may eventually lead to kidney failure.

On the other hand, get an insufficient amount of protein will definitely harm the body. If the body does not have enough amino acids to the muscles, for example, it could take amino acids for making the bones weak bone structure or fragile and susceptible to injury. Other fuctions body that inadequate protein intake may harm are

• synthesis of bone cells

• Red blood cell production

• The heart cell turnover

• feeling of wellness / endurance

• Immune / antibody

• Enzymes / hormones

• the elasticity of the skin / muscle tone

• balance organs function / pH

protein can be found on the plants too. animal meat and animal products has the best quality of protein, but plant foods such as legumes, nuts and soybeans. A cup of tofu or tofu about 20 grams of protein which is half that of a woman in need average in one day.

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What is Protein? A Simple Definition

Most people understand the protein as a nutrient the body needs to function in a healthy and normal manner, that and the fact that you can get to eat steak. This is true, but certainly not limited to that. It is not only a healthy diet and good nutrition. Proteins probably play one of the biggest parts in the development of the human anatomy. This is one of the most basic building blocks of our body. Bones for example, are best known for being made of calcium, but did you know that it is about a quarter of protein? The muscles in our body, our organs and immune system are mainly composed of protein.

PROTEIN by definition. Protein comes from the Greek word “proteios” which means holding the first place. Proteins that we get from what we eat are converted into different types of molecules. Our muscles, organs and immune system are mainly composed of protein. The protein is also essential for DNA construction, a genetic code that is unique for each individual. Most of our dry weight (the body part that is not made of water) is made up of protein. The bones (as mentioned above), muscles, tissues and skin are few.

BASICS. Specifically, proteins that we get are made of something more basic. They are called acid amines. These organic compounds such as carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and sometimes sulfur. These organic compounds react with each other to form a bond. This bond or reaction is essential Construction for the molecule as suggested earlier. In addition, there are more than 20 amino acids that make up proteins.

Of these, there are about 13 amino acids that our body can produce on its’ own. You do not even think about it. However, at least nine amino acids must be completed. They are called essential amino acids. Examples are: isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, selenocysteine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. These are the ones we need to get out of the protein-rich food we take.

Other than amino acids, sugar and protein bond (usually from carbohydrates), lipids (fats), or even metal (iron). For example, certain organic compounds which react with the iron in hemoglobin form. These pigments in the red blood cells that are responsible to carry oxygen and remove carbon dioxide in the tissues by the blood flow. In other words, the hemoglobin are proteins which iron atoms. Protein also serves as a main ingredient for antibodies. Antibodies within the immune system to help us resist infection by blocking and protect our body against foreign intruders.

protein deficiency. Everyone said, the lack of protein can cause a lot of damage throughout the body of a person. On one hand, it can lead to reduced intelligence and mental retardation. People who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease lack specific proteins to the brain. In Third World countries alone, protein-energy malnutrition kills 10 million every year. Protein deficiency is very common in poor overcrowded country. This is where hunger usually occurs raising the rates of malnutrition. Developing countries also reports of deficiency in protein but especially adults. Diet or crash diet to lose weight is one reason.

There is much more to the particular protein once you break it down piece by piece. We must understand the proper use of protein to determine what role it plays in the human body and how to use it. It does not stop with what is on the dining table.

Source by Martha Casantosan

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