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The Skinny on Losing Weight With Liquid Protein Supplements – The Good and the Bad

There are over 34 million men, women and children in the United States of America that count as being clinically obese or worse, as morbidly obese. Morbid obesity is defined as a medical condition that is not only related to lifestyle and diet, but in the genetic make-up and body as well. Of these, the majority of them will face a life of other diseases and conditions, including: cardiovascular disease and damage, joint pain and trauma, diabetes, cancer and a wide range of other. For these 34 million obese people, weight loss can be the difference between life and death.

The food industry recorded huge profits every year because everyone wants a quick and easy solution. Otherwise, why would they fall for schemes that promise to give unreal unreal results with diet plans and, above all, without direction? It is important, and should be repeated loudly and often, this weight loss efforts without guidance and a valid support system will not work.

gain or weight loss is a process that involves not only the physical, but mental and psychological problems. So you have to control what is on your plate, you must also learn to control what’s on your mind as well.

Back in the 1970s, the liquid protein diet was introduced. Extreme both concept and method, it resulted in the unfortunate diet, several new health problems and unfortunately, more than a few deaths in the process (Source: Department of Psychology, Vanderbilt University). Fortunately, science has not advanced to the giant knowledge they had at the time and liquid protein supplements and diet plans are safer than they have ever been.

Good things about liquid protein supplements

Liquid protein, unlike protein bars or real food sources, can be carried and used virtually anywhere. Profect, a small source of protein, fluid, is the first of its kind: a single portion, the firing protein ready-to-drink. They are packed in small plastic bottles that are small enough to stow in a pocket or bag, and they do not react badly to changes in temperature and can be swallowed in less than three seconds. Each of these liquid protein shots is a little less than three ounces and provides twenty to five grams of protein per serving 100 calories. While it would not be advisable to use them as your only source of nutrition, they would certainly make a great snack between meals or after training reminder.

Spikes, surges and the need for heating

The body works as a very complex machine for most. When the machine is low on energy, the message is sent to the brain that the stomach is empty and needs food. The brain then sends another message to the body is hungry and so the quest begins. In most people, once the food starts to hit the system, the brain starts to send the signal that the body is comprehensive, is almost full, and is finally complete. If it takes a few seconds for the brain to tell the body it is hungry, it can take about twenty minutes for the brain to receive and send the message that the stomach is full.

Having finished eating, your body has plenty of work to do to break this new offer and send it to the right places in the body. Some foods will be used immediately for energy by a process called “thermogenesis”.

thermogenesis refers to the creation of heat by the body by burning food for energy, which is why people often complain of being hot and sweaty after a big meal. Some of the foods will be sent by the system and will be stored as glycogen for the body to use energy later. However, when glycogen stores are filled or there is too much food to treat, largely eventually stored by the body as fat.

During the storage process, the creation and disposal of energy, certain hormones are released to deal with these foods and can help make the decision for what goes where. Some foods can make these hormones react differently than other foods. Insulin, a fat storage hormone, is affected by a flood of carbohydrates, or more specifically, simple carbohydrates. It is easiest to digest a carbohydrate, the more it is likely to cause a sugar spike, which in turn will result in a surge of insulin. Once insulin clears simple carbohydrates, the body will feel hungry again and the whole cycle begins again.

The body needs to have a regular source of food and energy, however, the use of other sources of food and supplements and eliminate as many simple carbohydrates as possible is the key. Complex carbohydrates, especially those found in foods and vegetables whole grains are essential to overall good nutrition. As mentioned above, the food creates energy that is reflected by the heat – an increase of about 3% for fat, 10% carbohydrates and 30% protein. The average person sees induced thermogenesis about 8% meal, however, it may be about half of that amount for those who are on diets.

The disadvantage of a Liquid Diet


The main problem with any liquid protein diet is simple: human beings are not made to live on only liquids. They are not meant to live on a single food source. While protein is critical to our overall good health, it is intended to be consumed with complex carbohydrates and healthy sources of fat. While the typical liquid protein diet provides around 400 to 800 calories per day, which may be fine for a day or two in most professional opinions, but is not recommended for long term use and is not beneficial to Long-term weight loss programs.

There are several problems that can arise not only from a diet rich in liquids protein, but eating too much protein throughout the day. These problems include:

– Excess protein can cause electrolyte imbalance, which can be severe enough to make the heart beat

– liquid protein rich diets may increase the risk of developing gallstones

– reducing the excessive caloric intake will slow down or completely block the metabolism

– Reducing calories beyond what is considered to be in good health may result amenorrhea (abnormal absence of menstrual cycles)

– excessive protein intake can lead to severe and chronic constipation

Finally, there is no scheme or plan plan that can work a miracle .. Without medical supervision and counseling, the best plan is doomed to failure. Any person who is about to start a diet or just want to use supplements of any kind for better health should consult their doctor for advice and guidance. In addition, each person who is interested in losing weight should not only educate, but seek a reasonable exercise program and find the right kind of support system.

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